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Asbestos Removal


The wide use of asbestos and the recognition of the dangers of the material has led to a need for thousands of people to fill well paying positions.  The removal of asbestos from places such as schools, homes, retail stores, and factories requires skilled people trained and certified to meet the safety requirements of properly cleaning up the asbestos without becoming victims themselves. 


In addition to the need for people to do the actual removal of the asbestos, there are companies that manufacture the necessary equipment, companies that handle the proper storage and disposal of the removed asbestos and companies set up to train and certify the various workers. 


If you suspect that you have had contact with asbestos, your first call should be to your medical provider.  If your doctor determines that you have symptoms or other evidence of the disease, you should then get advice on whether or not you have a claim.   Mesothelioma lawyers have learned a lot about the disease and have been very successful in obtaining the large settlements that are needed in order to cover the terrible financial losses and the suffering that a family or individual goes through with mesothelioma.


If you are able to get a job with a company that does the removal of any hazardous material, be sure that you get the proper training and equipment and be sure that you use the equipment properly.  Asbestos is a killer.  Follow the rules and do not work for someone who asks you to shortcut the safety requirement!